Eligibility for Play


A Richmond Racquet League team player is a member or guest of a club or community they play for who:

  • is not a player on a college team that year.
  • is 18 years of age by January 1st of current year.
  • appears on a roster submitted prior to first match and only on one roster if your club has teams in other divisions of the Richmond Racquet League. Captains are responsible to get all their players listed on the website prior to the season’s first match. 
  • is someone that has been added to their team by either the captain or by means of the player creating an account and associating themselves with their team through the www.leagueplanit.com site. 
    • if a player is added to a team roster after the season begins, the captain must notify the league commissioner  regarding his addition on the team.
    • if a player is added to a team roster after the season begins, he/she must not be of an NTRP rating that is above the division team rating. For ex: if teams in the division all have 4.0 as NTRP rating of their top seed player, then a player with 4.5 NTRP rating cannot be added into the team roster. This rule is so that parity among teams are maintained throughout the season. 

A Richmond Racquet League team is one that:

  • is able to field a team of players (men/women) to participate in the 4 singles/3 doubles matches each week during the league season.
  • is able to host opponent teams and has access to at least 4 courts on Saturday’s during league season in order to be able to schedule and play the singles/doubles matches during their home matches of the season.
  • is able to have fun and promote fun playing tennis.