Format of Play

format 1. Each Tennis Team Captain should contact the opposing captain by the Wednesday prior to match to confirm match. It should be each captain’s goal to seek mutual agreement with each other and cooperate to complete team matches.

2. Matches will begin at 9.00 am unless a change in starting time is mutually agreed to play by the captains, but must be played on Saturday unless postponed.

3. Home team furnishes new cans of tennis balls and refreshments for each match.

4. Each match will consist of 4 Singles Tennis matches and 3 Doubles Tennis matches. The only time this  format can be shortened is if both captains face similar challenges. ex: Players of both teams are attending the richmond marathon and both captains have problem fielding a full team. If this situation were to present itself, both the captains must notify the league commissioner regarding the same.

5. Each match will consists of the following

  • Singles – 1 Pro Set (8 games). Twelve point tie breaker required at 8-8.
  • Doubles – 1 Out of 2 Regular Tennis Sets. The super tie breaker will be the 3rd Set.

6. Team captains must submit complete line-ups online at before match play begins. Prior to the match team captains must disclose the complete line-up or partial line-up as agreed by either captains. If for some reason, there must be a change (Illness, appointments, etc.) the line-up may be altered prior to the match but no wholesale change will be permitted. If you as a captain, or substitute, know in advance that a situation where to happen due to above reasons, then notify the opposing captain immediately, so someone will not be inconvenienced by showing up and having no opponent to play with. Forfeiture will be from bottom up. Example: #3 doubles and #4 singles, then #2 doubles and #3 singles and so on and so forth.

7. The winning team captain is responsible for submitting the match results into the application by entering the score for the match that was completed, if possible the same day of the match or by the Monday following without fail, in order to have the feedback for the matches and team standings reflect the new results prior to the next Saturday’s match. If the winning team captain consistently fails to submit their results by Wednesday following, the system will record an automatic win to their opponent team. The winning captain is also responsible to make sure that player names have been entered for line-up of both teams. This is to ensure that player eligibility for play-offs can be determined by the system. The results can be viewed at -> View leagues ->Team Standings. If there is any issue in submitting the scores through the application please call the contact list of people provided under the Contact Page.