Rules Pertaining to Play


rulesreferree League Dues – $100.00 per team due upon registering online, prior to the season scheduling plan.

1. Proper Tennis etiquette is expected of all Richmond Racquet League participants both on and off the court during the matches. Team captains are expected to enforce this rule and to prevent team members from racquet throwing, yelling, abusive languages, etc…

2. When a court becomes available for play, there will be a 15 minute waiting period for each team to field their players. At the end of this time, the team with insufficient players will forfeit the match where no player is available for that match.

3. Unless mutually agreed upon by Captains or weather plays a factor, no games will be played on indoor courts.

4. In case of Rain – the match is to be continued where it was interrupted to begin at end of completed game/s. No substitution of players allowed for matches in progress.

5. On Saturday mornings when as Home Captain, weather will NOT permit matches:

  • Home team Captain will make contact with opposition for go or no go decision.
  • As visiting Captain verification of bad weather is also a must. Ex: Weather may be bad in one area but just cloudy on another area of Richmond.

6. If any team knowingly uses an in eligible player to participate in the Richmond Racquet League Tennis League match that team will forfeit the entire team match. It is the responsibility of each team’s captain to know who is eligible player in accordance with the eligibility rules. When in doubt please check -> Rules and Policies.

7. Line-up Stacking – (Scheduling stronger players below weaker ones) – Stacking is not in keeping with the spirit or intent of the Richmond Racquet League and will be considered unethical and is prohibited. Players must be lined up according to strengths for each match. The best Singles player must play the number one (1) singles match, and the best doubles team must play the number one (1) doubles match, etc.. During playoffs a list will be furnished showing eligible players and what positions they played.

8. Match Postponed by nature (Rain, Snow, Storm, or Courts unplayable) must be played prior to Play-Offs. If one team does not want to play a scheduled match the correct response will be for that team to default. Matches postponed by request of team captain will require the following:

  • Both captains notifying commissioner of postponement and who requested it.
  • If Match is not played by semi-finals, the requesting captain will forfeit match and the other team will be credited with a win.
  • Both captains shall strive to play matches as quickly as possible.

9. No player may participate in the Division play-offs (Semi-finals or Finals) unless he/she has played in at least two (2) season matches. You may accept a forfeit and credit your players. You may not list players arbitrarily just to give them credit for play. All questionable eligibility will be determined by the commissioner.

10. In the case that two or more teams are tied for Play-Offs positions in terms of their overall regular season records, the participants in play-offs will be determined as follows:

  • If there are teams tide, the one with no defaults the entire season wins versus the teams it is tied with.
  • If there are two or more teams tied, the one with the most wins of matches/sets/games versus the teams it is tied with, will advance to the play-offs.
  • If two or more teams are still tied after above step, then the play-offs representative will be determined by a toss of a coin or other agreed upon random process.

11. If a team forfeits more than three league matches in total during a season, they will be expelled from the league and will record all matches on schedule as wins. The expelled team will have to make formal application to be readmitted for the following season. After formal application had been applied for, said application will be processed in the same manner as a team automatically entering the league for the first time. A forfeit is declared automatically if a team has less than four (4) players to play for a particular match.

12. Division participants are going to be based on the average NTRP rating of all players in the team. Teams with the closest NTRP average player rating will be playing each other in either a double round robin division or single round robin division. A double round robin is possible if there are less than 6 teams in a division.

13. Division Balancing (Moving teams up or down from one division to the other) the teams complete season record will be taken into consideration including the semi-final and final games played in the play-offs to determine which teams are moved by the commissioner. Furthermore a team with an outstanding record may at the commissioner discretion advance divisions if they continue to field the same team or if their average team rating has increased due to player replacements. Teams who have dropped in their average NTRP rating from their previous season may be eligible to move down one division. This will be ascertained during their registration for following season.

14. Any purposeful infraction of rules will eliminate team participation in the play-offs. League commissioner ruling on dispute within the league are final.